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Markecsy is a digital marketing services provider, and Digital Transformation Consulting Provider. While the former is a common term, it is the latter that is relatively new. Let us help you in understanding what we are offering you.

Companies may kick start their digital transformation, and keep the momentum going by using various strategies, with a blend of technical and human skills. And although the digital transformation isn’t a new need for business executives. But COVID-19 has heightened its importance, as organizations seek to improve adaptability, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

We have the expertise and resources to create a custom website and execute various digital marketing services for any size business in any sector. Often agencies use a similar and bygone approach which does not produce the desired results.

However, you also need to understand that digital transformation is still a work in progress in most cases. Many businesses have yet to implement digital technologies and methods at a large scale. Alternatively, you can foster a culture that values change, experimentation, and lifelong learning and growth. Other businesses are contemplating end-to-end reforms and have yet to take the first step.

The important question you should be asking is what can businesses do to speed up their digital transformation?

The answer lies in establishing a view of the future and gradually enhancing the technological and human capabilities required to realize it.

JCMR recently released a market survey on Digital Transformation Consulting Provider Services, which includes an overall in-depth analysis as well as a study on COVID-19’s impact on the Global Digital Transformation Consulting Provider Services Market. 

The majority of the businesses are unable to successfully transform digitally or are unable to survive it. And navigating it in the ambiguous novel reality is particularly challenging because new habits and expectations emerge at an unprecedented speed.

What can be done to Achieve Digital Transformation?

We do not promise drastic results but rather a strategic and step-by-step approach. Like a caterpillar does not transform into a butterfly in a day. Similarly, when transformations are gradual, and long-term, they tend to become successful. That means concentrating on the end result like enhanced processes, new products, and other use cases that, one by one, allow you to develop business value and capabilities that will drive the change.


The steps we follow:

  • Build a customized strategy
  • Create user engagement
  • Adopt agile methodology which ensures more updates and adapt to change faster
  • Measure the progress
  • Lastly, use creative approaches with ecstasy.

Markecsy’s Digital Transformation method is scalable, long-term, iterative, and simple with no complicacies.

Our Approach

We determine where you want to go. We take a look at industry trends and disruptions. We assist businesses in aligning their digital transformation plan with their company objectives and ambitions. Our focus is on locating and delivering measurable business outcomes. To track progress toward goals, they utilize the correct KPIs- the key performance indicators. They also remove roadblocks fast and effectively. We assist businesses in establishing a cadence for vital choices, and a sophisticated digital value assessment system. We train them on how to integrate their technical and business sides together, as well as how to manage the transition from the top while instilling accountability at every level.

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